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Salamander Window
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As a representative feature of a house, windows today are more than just an opening to the outside: their individual design significantly determines the overall appearance of a building. Therefore, windows, as part of the exterior wall, must not only meet the highest standards of quality and safety - today's customers place great importance on color, shape, and function.

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  •  6-chamber profile

  •  Window stopper and central gasket

  • Construction depth: 76 mm

  • Up to Uw = 0.73 W/(m²K)

  • Glazing up to 48 mm

  • Sound insulation: Sound Reduction up to 47 dB

  •  Burglar resistance up to RC3


blueEvolution92 6-komoren profil Centralna zaptivka Dlabočina na konstrukcija: 92 mm Do Uw = 0,70 W/(m2K) (so termički odvoen čelik) Zastakluvanje: do 60 mm Zvučna izolacija: do 47 dB Otpornost na provalnici do RC3

alumil 11500

Alumil Profiles

  • Shape your single-family home  based on your inspiration and select among advanced aluminium systems by ALUMIL. Aesthetically upgrade your space, enhance natural lighting, ensure thermal comfort and energy savings, and shield your home in terms of security.




In stock colors : white,anthrazitgrau,jet black , golden oak , moreiche , nussbaun

other colors available by order.

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