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Modern Commercial Building



The bluEvolution 92 profile system combines cutting-edge technology with a modern, functional design to create a new generation of first-class windows. The optimized 6-chamber construction with a basic depth of 92 mm provides outstanding thermal insulation and the best energy efficiency. Combined with a slim face width of only 118 mm, solar gains through high light incidence and the ecological sustainability of a 100% recyclable PVC-U, it is one of the future systems from Salamander



• 6-chamber profile

• Center seal

• Construction depth: 92mm

• up to Uw = 0.70 W/(m²K) (with thermally broken steel)

• Glazing: up to 60 mm

• Sound insulation: sound reduction of up to 47 dB

• Burglar resistance: up to RC 3

• Areas of application: Turn, tilt, turn-tilt windows, side entrance and PSK door

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