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Sliding Door's


evolutionDrive HST

The Comfortable Lift-and-Slide Door Solution for Connecting to the Outdoors

With large-sized window elements, light enters your home – as with the evolutionDrive lift-and-slide door, bringing your interior to life. The door construction is designed for optimal stability and allows for large glass areas and large opening elements in various operating schemes. The efficient thermal protection of the system solution is thanks to the optimized sealing levels, especially in the central part – ensuring that the cold stays where it belongs.

Alumil Supreme S700
The lift & slide system SUPREME S700 represents the new generation of ALUMIL’s high-end systems. It is an excellent solution for projects with demanding requirements, meeting the trend of “transparent” architecture through extensive glass surfaces, with high thermal insulation, safety and modern design. Its minimal design and its various innovative characteristics, make it the ideal option for projects requiring wide spans for enhanced daylight, outstanding performance and maximum ease of use.

drive HST





PSK Sliding System


The PSK system is very appealing with a light feel and operating comfort provided by tilt-and-slide fixtures which allow operating the door sash with just one hand.

The PSK sashes are in a single plane when shut. The door sash must be tilted back and pushed into the right running track to slide it open. These doors can be manufactured from differnet profiles , including Aluminium

Salamander greenEvoltuion76,blueEvolution92 , Alumil M11000 etc.

The maximum door sash weight is 200 kg in this type of products.

The innovative engineering of the PSK sliding carriages enables years of efficient and reliable use with precise action, even if carrying heavy sashes. The stays keep the door sash tilted away safely when ajar for ventilation. The fixtures for large and heavy sashes feature additional push-back control which assists in pressing the sash shut during closing. The opening action is operated with a similar push-back control.


 Bi Folding

Insulated & non insulated

Supreme SF85

A world-class highly insulated folding door system with bottom-slide operation, which combines minimal aesthetics with outstanding performance, very large dimensions with literally low sight lines, enhanced burglar protection with a very large variety of solutions.

SMARTIA M19800 M9800 folding doors

 system with top-hung operation and suitable

for normal and large constructions. It offers sturdy

and elegant solutions applied to middle and high-end

projects, such as luxury residences, office buildings,

conference centers, hotels, restaurants and many other.


  • Large dimensions and wide spans

  • Sturdy structure with flawless and long-lasting operation

  • High thermal insulation and energy saving

  • High performance in terms of wind resistance,

  • air permeability and water tightness

  • Easy machining and installation


SF 85





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