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Garage Doors

As an intrinsic part of any building, garage doors must combine high performance with pleasing aesthetics. They generally secure the largest opening through which heat loss may occur and, on average, will need to be opened and closed multiple times daily. Alla Kompani has prepared an extensive range of dependable products that will last years and be a delight to look at and support modern automation.


Residential and Industrial

Sectional garage doors are utterly convenient, offer maximum security and allow best possible use of the space. They are comprised of individual elements, so-called sections, connected by hinges, which make it possible to roll the door up or down vertically and to slide it conveniently underneath the ceiling without it swinging outwards in front of the garage and thus taking up space.

So you gain additional space in front of the garage, where you might want to park a second car, for example. And garages located near roads or pavements do not put pedestrians at risk and the traffic keeps flowing. Garage doors with electrical operators always leave the full passage height clear – which is ideal for tall vehicles, such as SUVs or vans.

Appearance-wise, sectional garage doors leave nothing to be desired, either: high-quality materials, top-quality processing and a wide variety of additional fittings give each garage an individual look – in keeping with the architecture of the house and your personal taste.


Accesories & Aditional

emergency garage door opener
Door inside Panel
remote control AK
Operating Motor
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  • 5 Years Warranty

  • Exterior Color: White / Anthrazite

  • Bicolor

  • Model: Ribbed – Lined

  • Thickness: 40 mm

  • Density: 48-50 Kg / m³

  • Panel Height: 500 mm and 610 mm

  • EPDM sealing gasket between panels

  • Finger safe protection

  • Top and bottom painted steel plate sheet

  • Sheets are interlocked in four layers

  • CFC Free polyurethane

  • Wooden pattern embossing

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