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Salamander Profiles

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Windows today are more than just an opening to the outside; as a representative feature of a house, their unique design significantly determines the overall appearance of a building. Therefore, windows, as part of the exterior wall, must not only meet the highest standards of quality and safety but also cater to the modern customer's demands for color, shape, and function

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The bluEvolution 92 profile system combines cutting-edge technology with a modern, functional design to create a new generation of first-class windows. The optimized 6-chamber construction with a basic depth of 92 mm provides outstanding thermal insulation and the best energy efficiency. Combined with a slim face width of only 118 mm, solar gains through high light incidence and the ecological sustainability of a 100% recyclable PVC-U, it is one of the future systems from Salamander

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evolutionDrive HST

The Comfortable Lift-and-Slide Door Solution for Connecting to the Outdoors

With large-sized window elements, light enters your home – as with the evolutionDrive lift-and-slide door, bringing your interior to life. The door construction is designed for optimal stability and allows for large glass areas and large opening elements in various operating schemes. The efficient thermal protection of the system solution is thanks to the optimized sealing levels, especially in the central part – ensuring that the cold stays where it belongs.

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With greenEvolution, we are taking the next step in window construction. A sustainable PVC-U window that matches the façade and the interior? With the wide range of decors and realMaterial surfaces, all conceivable styles can be realized: from classic purist to strikingly modern. With the six compatible profile systems, there are virtually no limits to your imagination, even for individual window shapes. Whether it's the number of sashes, glazing, a round frame profile or an angular one - your ideas can easily be turned into reality. Whether a new construction project or renovation of an old building - we have the right profile system.

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